Saturday, December 4, 2010

Spider in My Blog :D

Sorry took time to update my blog. Kinda busy during my first semester at unimas. I cant balance my time for blog and my life at unimas. So this holiday I want to update as mush as i can to ensure that all of you satisfy. for the first-timer reader, welcome to my blog, and the loyal reader, hold on and sit tight because i will post something fresh, new and exciting thing that happen in my life. so that it. So, stop by tomorrow to read my new post.

Saturday, July 31, 2010

my new home :D

it has been a long time since i didn't update my blog. I'm kinda busy with the university work. it has been three week since I'm start my life as a Unimas's student. my day here is full of happiness, meet some new faces, new environment and got to change my lifestyle. i can't say that adapt to a new place was easy but that is something i must go through. here at unimas, they got almost everything. there is a big lake inside the unimas where the student could do some water activities, the sport facilities is adequate with the student request. about the learning facilities, i think unimas got everything. i don't know about other faculty but for my faculty i think they got all the necessary needed.

both picture above and below is picture of me and my friend.

view of unimas
thanks to Naquib for the picture.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I'm going away

It took one whole week for me to write a new post and i still does not get anything to write on my blog. anyways, later next month i will continue on my study so it may took more than a week for a new post. Nah, just kidding. maybe i will think to get a broadband but i still don't know which broadband is better. so next month i will be at Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS). I was kinda nervous but an curiosity is still on top of my feeling. well UNIMAS is located at Kota Samarahan, Sarawak and it took maybe 9 to 10 hours from my place to go there by car. so wish me luck and i hope it will be a new and nice life i got while i pursue my dream there.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


sorry because didn't post anything for more than couple of days.
tomorrow i will try to post something new.
kinda busy with world cup and driving lesson.
sorry :(

Thursday, June 10, 2010

activity of the month (june)

yesterday was a sleepy day so i didn't post anything, so today i gonna post something.YAY! This week and maybe for this month, everyday will be a busy day for me because i will attend driving lesson. I'm driving for the first time so it was kinda hard and i cant control the car well. got a hard time to be familiar with the clutch, brake and the road sign. I should not take this driving lesson lightly because i cant drive. It was kinda embarrassing because a girl before me could drive the car very well and i cant. so the first day was a bit awkward but it still nice because i got a chance to drive. Well I don't need to be ashamed because it was my first time. Then, until today I still dint learn how to park a car and maybe tomorrow I will learn it. I hope I can do it! That the spirit! LOL!
Still need to encourage myself. Wish me luck and thanks for reading this post and don't be shy to leave some comment.

at the back of my father office from inside my father car.
the picture was taken yesterday while waiting for my father finish his work at his office.

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Ferris Wheel

i never ride a Ferris wheel before but would like to ride it someday.

The Ferris Wheel was introduced to the world at the World's Colombian Exposition of 1893 in Chicago. It was built to rival the Paris creation of the Eiffel Tower, a landmark exhibition in 1889 in France

. It is interesting to note that the first Ferris Wheel was built by bridge-maker George Ferris. His knowledge of struts, beams and supports, as well as a skilled mastery of foundation and balance of larger constructions made him the man for the job.

Ferris conceived the idea of the Wheel by looking the a structure of the Merry-go-Round. A popular part of the carnival, it seemed to generate large revenue, with a relatively simple structure. In response to the Eiffel Tower, Ferris knew that his invention had to be very large. Ferris concluded that a vertical wheel would make the same splash as a horizontal one, and he set about drawing up plans for a wheel that would make every wheel known to man look small.

The Ferris Wheel cost $380,000.00 to make and stood at 264 feet. After its execution, however, it grossed twice as much in ride sales, making it a very profitable member of the exhibition. The diameter of the wheel was 250 feet, making it the largest known wheel in American at the time. It also contained an axle of 45 feet, which was unheard of. The Ferris Wheel was powered by 2,000 engine worth of horsepower, and it contained 36 wooden cars that were suspended by iron clamps to the structure of the Wheel and axle. It held 2160 passengers and stopped on every second revolution to let a new group of people in its cars.It was built by the Detroit Bridge and Iron works, and it ran at .50 a ride. It was transferred to St. Louis for another Exposition in 1904, and after that, the world's first Ferris Wheel was taken down and sold to various metal dealers.

Stories of the Chicago unveiling of the Wheel are sweet and tinged with nostalgia. Many reporters were present for the first execution of the wheel, to see George Ferris and his wife christening their creation. A company of reporters and the inventor entered the cars at 6:30 on June 16th, the date of the first unveiling. Dressed in ball gowns and carrying champagne and cigars, they toasted each revolution of the car and gave several rounds of applause for the inventor. Ferris himself made a quiet speech, then sat in the car with his wife for about five revolutions.

Ferris wheel are still very popular today. In fact, a carnival is not considered a carnival without the Ferris Wheel. Because this invention was an American contribution to the World's Fair, it has become a staple of the fairground. The wheel that exist today are model replicas of the original Ferris Wheel.

here are some fact on Ferris wheel:

the tallest Ferris wheel nowadays is Singapore Flyer located at Singapore with height of 165m (541 ft).

Singapore Flyer.

the second highest Ferris wheel is Star of Nanchang located at Nanchang, China with height of 160m (525 ft).

Star of Nanchang

the third highest is London Eye located at London, United Kingdom with height of 135m (443 ft)

London Eye

The Pursuit of Happiness

In 1981, in San Francisco, the smart salesman and family man Chris Gardner invests the family savings in Osteo National bone-density scanners, an apparatus twice as expensive as an x-ray machine but with a slightly clearer image. This white elephant financially breaks the family, bringing troubles to his relationship with his wife Linda, who leaves him and moves to New York where she has taken a job in a pizza parlor. Their son Christopher stays with Chris because he and his wife both know that he will be able to take better care of him.

Without money or a wife, but committed to his son, Chris sees a chance to fight for a stockbroker internship position at Dean Witter, offering a more promising career at the end of a six-month unpaid training period. During that period, Chris goes through a lot of hardship personally and professionally. When he thinks he is "stable," he finds that he has lost $600 when the government takes the last bit of money in his bank account for taxes. He is rendered homeless because he can't pay his rent. He is forced at one point to stay in a bathroom at a train station, and must scramble from work every day to the Glide Memorial United Methodist Church, which offers shelter to the homeless. He must leave work every day so that he is there by 5 in the evening along with his son so to be assured of a place to sleep. He is seen carrying his suitcase to work because he doesn't have a home. At work, there are nineteen other candidates for the one position.

One day, he is called into an office and in it were the heads of Dean Witter. They tell him that he has been an excellent trainee and that tomorrow will be his first day as a broker. Chris struggles to hold back tears. Outside he begins to cry as the busy people of San Francisco walk past him. He rushes to his son's daycare, hugging him and knowing that everything is going to be all right.

The final scene shows Chris walking with his son down a street. His son is telling him a joke, when a man in a suit walks past. Chris looks back as the man continues on. The man in the suit is none other than the real Chris Gardner.

Will Smith with the real Chris Gardner.
this movie was so touching!
love this movie!

B.O.B - Nothing on you (featuring Bruno Mars)

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cos they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby

not not not nothing on you babe
not not nothing on you
i know you feel where I'm coming from
regardless of the things in my past that I've done
most of really was for the hell of the fun
on the carousel so around i spun (spun)
with no directions just tryna get some (some)
tryna chase skirts, living in the summer sun (sun)
this is how i lost more than i had ever won
and honestly i ended up with none

there's no much nonsense
it's on my conscience
I'm thinking baby i should get it out
and i don't wanna sound redundant
but i was wondering if there was something that you wanna know
(that you wanna know)
but never mind that we should let it go (we should let it go)
cos we don't wanna be a t.v episode (t.v episode)
and all the bad thoughts just let them go (go, go, go)

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cos they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby

not not not nothing on you babe
not not nothing on you
hands down there will never be another one
i been around and i never seen another one
look at your style they ain't really got nothing on
and you out and you ain't got nothing on
baby you the whole package plus you pay your taxes
and you keep it real while them other stay plastic
you're my wonder women call me Mr. fantastic
stop.. now think about it

I've been to London, I've been to Paris
even went out there to Tokyo
back home down in Georgia to new Orleans
but you always steal the show (steal the show)
and just like that girl you got me froze (got me froze)
like a Nintendo 64 (64)
if you never knew well now you know (know, know, know)

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cos they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby

not not not nothing on you babe
not not nothing on you
everywhere i go I'm always hearing your name (name, name)
and no matter where I'm at girl you make me wanna sing (sing)
weather a bus or a plane or a car or a train
no other girls in my brain and you the one to blame

beautiful girls all over the world
i could be chasing but my time would be wasted
they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby
they might say hi and i might say hey
but you shouldn't worry about what they say
cos they got nothing on you baby
nothing on you baby

not not not nothing on you babe
not not nothing on you
yeah and that's just how we do it
and I'm a let this ride
B O B and Bruno mars
<3 this song!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Toy Story 3

Still got no idea on what to post!
i want to watch Toy Story 3 so bad!

i dint miss any of its movie either Toy story 1 and Toy Story 2.

credit to pixar animation for the movie!
love it once and will always love it!

some of the other nice movie from pixar animation.


just back from driving lesson.
driving is fun!
cant wait to get my license!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Outing :)

I'm back!
I'm back at my home here at Bintulu. my trip to Miri was fun. going to the cinema with my brother and soon to be sister-in-law, his sister and the one that cant be left at home, my anis. I didn't plan to go out and it was a last minute plan when my brother tell me that he want to bring me come along. we watch Prince of Persia :Sands of time and i get a nice time out with my brother. I love this movie and it got to many sand. LOL. i cant get anything out from my brain to write because I'm a bit dizzy right now. well that all for this evening. i hope i get something to write later.

Friday, May 28, 2010

i'm going to miri

good morning to all. Now I'm still packing my thing and get ready to go to miri. maybe i will stay they for a week or two. so there will be no new post for a while and don't get mad.

during the night.
view of Miri, Sarawak.

Miri city from above.
that all for now, so i will be going to miri and enjoy my weekend there. thanks for reading.

Tips to save our Earth

The Earth is in danger. Do you desire to save the world? You do not need to have superman's strength to do it. There are many trouble-free things that you can do to save the earth. For instance, you can start by recycling aluminium can.

Here is a simple checklist of other things you can do to save the earth.

1) Look around your house to save energy. For example, close your windows and doors tightly. It will keep your air conditioning inside. If you find a leak, fix it. By cleaning your heating filters and air conditioner monthly, you can save the environment and money. You may save up to ten percent on your energy bills. Furthermore, it is good for your health.

2) Recycle your plastic, paper, and aluminium. Forty percent of all trashes are composed with recycle paper products.

3) Use energy efficient florescent bulbs. The energy efficient florescent bulbs only use one quarter of electricity of traditional bulbs. Furthermore, they last longer before burning out. Even though they might be more expensive, they are better in the long run.

4) Do not leave your water running while you brush your teeth. You waste nearly ten gallons of water.

5) If you do not need your light, turn it off.

Can one person really change things? Yes, one person can change things. Everyone can contribute to make a difference. The whole process is like a series. When you do your part, the chain is connected.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

please laugh :)

good evening
selamat petang

here some jokes for all:
Q. What did the fish say when he swam into the wall?
A. Dam!
Q. What two things can't you have for dinner?
A. Lunch and breakfast!
Q. What did the teddy bear say when he was offered dessert?
A. No thanks, I'm stuffed!
Q. What did the spider do on the computer?
A. Made a website!
Q. What is an astronaut's favorite place on a computer?
A. The Space bar!
Q. What happens to cows during an earthquake?
A. They give milk shakes!

please keep the earth green.

it's thurday

got nothing to do. i cant wait to continue my study but i dunno i will continue on what and where.
UPU result!
i cant wait for you to come out! i hate waiting, but nothing i can do to make it come out faster. i hope i get what i want. I want to make my family proud. i think i will make some changes at my lifestyle.
NO more GAMES!
say no to DOTA!
i can do this. :) i want to be like everyone else that success in their life. I'm repeat, success!
OK! back to topic. it's Thursday and tonight I'm gonna watch house MD at AXN. I'm addicted to house. LOL.

not this one!

but this one!
gonna watch it tonight.
i think that all for now. just wait for my other post. don't miss it. LOL.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My reminiscences at Labuan

standing (back row) : Jamal, Me, Maxx, Syl.
standing (mid row) : Cher, Kenny, Leong, Ah Ken, Bernard, Naz, Amin, Azizi, Haslan.
sitting (front) : Jhierma, Mia, Ariny, Genie, Husain a.k.a boss, Christine, Farah, Jaj, Nana.
not in picture: Hisam and Angela.

Last mentor-mentee meeting.

quest for toilet. LOL

during our picnic at pancur hitam.

all the guys inside my class.
this picture taken during the fitness class.

me at chemistry lab.
writing my name for the attendance.

There still tons of picture of me, my classmate and my friend at Labuan. But I don't want to show them all to you all now. You all must be patient and wait for my other post.

a joke for the readers:

Q. Why did the man with one hand cross the road?
A. To get to the second hand shop.

my recomendation

I think that the ICT genius for 09/10 batch of KML know how to do this, but it still amazed me and it also done by Mysteryguitarman one of the famous youtube video maker. Well, enjoy it and if you have youtube account you can subscribe his channel because he got tons of other videos that i think will amazed you all.
you can watch the video by clicking on the mysteryguitarman.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Things that you all should know about me

    1. Love my anis.
    2. I am Straightforward with everything.
    3. Will do anything to get what I want.
    4. I will not give up the thing that i love.
    5. I don't like anyone near me to be sad or sick.
    6. i don't like seafood and the thing i don't want the most is prawn.
    7. I don't like people bragging about their things.
    8. I'm 19 and still does not have a car driving license.
    9. I think 1 cant concentrate doing two thing once, i think that true.
    10. i will not go if he/she does not ask me to follow or do something with them.
  • I think they maybe more, but this time i think that 10 is enough.
  • thanks for reading this post.
  • kindly be my followers. :)