Thursday, June 10, 2010

activity of the month (june)

yesterday was a sleepy day so i didn't post anything, so today i gonna post something.YAY! This week and maybe for this month, everyday will be a busy day for me because i will attend driving lesson. I'm driving for the first time so it was kinda hard and i cant control the car well. got a hard time to be familiar with the clutch, brake and the road sign. I should not take this driving lesson lightly because i cant drive. It was kinda embarrassing because a girl before me could drive the car very well and i cant. so the first day was a bit awkward but it still nice because i got a chance to drive. Well I don't need to be ashamed because it was my first time. Then, until today I still dint learn how to park a car and maybe tomorrow I will learn it. I hope I can do it! That the spirit! LOL!
Still need to encourage myself. Wish me luck and thanks for reading this post and don't be shy to leave some comment.

at the back of my father office from inside my father car.
the picture was taken yesterday while waiting for my father finish his work at his office.

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