Thursday, May 27, 2010

it's thurday

got nothing to do. i cant wait to continue my study but i dunno i will continue on what and where.
UPU result!
i cant wait for you to come out! i hate waiting, but nothing i can do to make it come out faster. i hope i get what i want. I want to make my family proud. i think i will make some changes at my lifestyle.
NO more GAMES!
say no to DOTA!
i can do this. :) i want to be like everyone else that success in their life. I'm repeat, success!
OK! back to topic. it's Thursday and tonight I'm gonna watch house MD at AXN. I'm addicted to house. LOL.

not this one!

but this one!
gonna watch it tonight.
i think that all for now. just wait for my other post. don't miss it. LOL.

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