Tuesday, May 25, 2010

10 Things that you all should know about me

    1. Love my anis.
    2. I am Straightforward with everything.
    3. Will do anything to get what I want.
    4. I will not give up the thing that i love.
    5. I don't like anyone near me to be sad or sick.
    6. i don't like seafood and the thing i don't want the most is prawn.
    7. I don't like people bragging about their things.
    8. I'm 19 and still does not have a car driving license.
    9. I think 1 cant concentrate doing two thing once, i think that true.
    10. i will not go if he/she does not ask me to follow or do something with them.
  • I think they maybe more, but this time i think that 10 is enough.
  • thanks for reading this post.
  • kindly be my followers. :)

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