Tuesday, April 12, 2011


friend from my perspective. when everyone come to a new place, the first thing they thought is what are the place look like, how are they going to adapt at this new place and how to manage their live living there. so here come friend, old friend, new friend,boys or girls, a small one or big one, thin or fat, they will always come to you. they will come to help you even thought they will not always there to help you. they will fill the hole in your life with all the nice, sweet and sometime bad memories. there is time when the relation between friend become cloudy, and sometime it become to close, closer than you ever imagine. that is the way to build a strong friendship. if it get cloudy, takes a counter measure by giving up the small or big matter for the best of the friendship you build for so long. winning, there no need for you to be always winning in friendship, try to lose sometimes because it also can make some joy for your friend, and when you are winning, there is no need for you to say that your friend is a loser. that is bad in friendship. joke is also an essential but joke about the weakness of your friend, it's a big NO! for me, friend is a gift that no one will ever replace, this is because every man and women have their own specialty and its always differ from another.

  1. selfish
  2. make fun of your own friend
  3. backstabbing.
  4. pushing them away
  5. rejecting them