Sunday, February 27, 2011

Servay Camp Part 1

So it's raining now and its kinda cold here. Nah, don't mind about it. Well, for today i done two things. First, mid-term TMX2012 and second, servay camp part 1. about TMX2012, i answer it with confident and i surely thing that i can get good grade on it. I hope so. at noon, servay camp started and it surely make my weekend full. During servay camp, the thing that we do is complete two of our lab task. for today we done with V2 (Angle and distance measurement). it look like it was easy but my team cant do it once. we done it twice. so lucky us, we stuck at the lab until the evening. so there is some picture of my teammate with the auto-station and prism. 
taking reading from the auto-station

adjusting the auto-station
i cant upload all the picture because of the internet connection are too slow. anyway, tomorrow i will continue on my servay camp and i hope it would not took us until the evening to complete it. thanks for spending some times by reading this post.

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